Using VM explorers web interface

The latest release of Trilead’s VM explorer has a very handy web interface as mentioned here. Just thought I’d mention how you configure and test it. I have a client who will be going down the Trilead backup route very soon and this self service portal approach could be very useful for them (and me).

Initially you have to decide the port number (default 80) that you want the web service on and the password you wish to assign to the default admin@local username that you can use to test access. Using the File menu in Trilead select settings then the Web Interface tab. Once the port is set to what you want set the start web server automatically option to have this running at all times.

You must also set the password for the account and press the change password button to get a confirmation of the change. At this point if you left the default port at 80 then you can use http://localhost:80 on the machine with Trilead installed to get confirmation that the service is running as you will see the logon screen.

Once logged on you can select a file for restore using the wizard – which takes you through selecting machines and backup versions that you can restore from. Once you have located the file you wish – right click and an option to download is displayed.

A few things that I hope are changed in future releases – allow the username to be changed and also have the download prompt to allow save as rather than just save. Apart from that its useful functionaility to give to users who simply need to get files back from the vm bakups Trilead creates.