ViceVersa – a tool for synchronising disks or folders

Can’t believe that I haven’t mentioned this before as I must use it at least once a month and frequently more often. I regularly have to transfer the contents of drives for analysis or recovery and it always bugged me that it would fail on a particular file and halt the transfer. So I use ViceVersa to get me copies of the required data onto my main machine for recovery or transfer to a new machine. I find its performance great and the fact that it can allow me to skip problem files and then get a list of them to review at the end of the transfer is cream on top.

An alternative or companion program is Syncback from here. I use this for setting up folder synchronisation for backup purposes – given there is a free version of the syncback tool.

Although the ViceVersa product is not free – its worth the cost when you have been in the situation where a file transfer has stalled waiting for intervention and you’ve lost hours of valuable time during a task so think about what your time is worth to be sure that the job is done when you come back ?