Viewing your movies on an IPAD from PC library

On returning from holiday wanted to review some of the footage that was shot while away. I wondered what options were available for video from Itunes and lo I found StreamToMe. The server component is free for windows and Mac bus you do have to buy the IOS application form the Apple Store .

The author Matt Gallagher describes it as

StreamToMe is a media player application for Macs and iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) that plays video, music and photo files (in a wide variety of formats) streamed over the network from another Mac or PC.

Files are live-transcoded into the native format for your device so you don’t need to pre-convert your media. Adaptive bitrates mean that you can stream over WiFi or 3G.

Installation is simple – and the application worked flawlessly.  The application control is through a task tray icon. Watched a dvd after adding the folder location to the folders that StreamToMe “publishes”. Application does just what it says and was 5 minutes from start to finish to get working.  Gr8.