Vigor 2820 firmware update for AP700 compatibility

While checking for a client I noticed that another update with quite a few changes for the Vigor 2820 had arrived – specifically item number 19 explains a problem I recently had with an Ap700 and 2820 setup. So I’ll be testing this out and will advise…


Release Notes for Vigor2820 series

Firmware Version : 3.3.3 (Release)
Release Date : 3rd November 2009
Build Date : 23rd October 2009
Applicable Models : Vigor2820, Vigor2820n, Vigor2820Vn, Vigor2820Vsn
ADSL Modem Code : 232201 (Standard)
Locale : UK Only / Annex A Only

NOTE: 3G modems listed here indicate drivers have been added but does not confirm compatibility with UK Operators.
For the list of officially supported models please see the Vigor2820 specification page

[New Features]
1. SmartMonitor supported with up to 30 users
2. Syslog output to USB disk
3. Add Mirror port function to WUI (For SmartMonitor)
4. WUI File explore for USB disk on WUI
5. PPPoA passthrough
6. Add Address Mapping function for NAT
7. Add “busy or no answer” for VoIP call forwarding.

[Improvement and Corrections]

1. Corrected: ringing tone for Singapore.
2. Corrected: VOIP regional malfunctions after SAS has been generated.
3. Corrected: SIP memory leakage.
4. Improved: digitmap feature (both WebUI fool-proof check and wildcard support).
5. Corrected: a semi-attendent CT.
6. Corrected: CPU 1.4 VOIP compatibility.
7. Corrected: Doubled VoIP buffer to increase stability
8. Fixed: Call scenario fails with no registration.
9. Fixed: Phone does not ring after calling for a while.
10. Fixed: When RFC-2833 with payload type= 96 packet is received, the router will reboot.
11. Fixed: Call forward when busy for ISDN S0.
12. Corrected: Prevent ISDN loop through being set to to PSTN via Digit Map.
13. Improved: Increase compatibility with more stun servers.
14. Improved: Allowed VoIP number starting with # for non-IP calls.

15. Corrected: Reboot problem of ISDN
16. Fixed: the first incoming call (TE->S0) would have beep for a while
17. Fixed: Called ID of S0 phone outgoing call display error when a remote user offhook the phone.

18. Corrected: Call Filter didn’t apply to WAN interfaces correctly

19. WDS is now compatible with AP700.

20. Corrected: Failure of running IP Ping through VPN.
21. 2nd subnet can be set to route via VPN as its default route.
22. Fixed: L2TP over IPSec performance for teleworkers
23. Add “vpn 2ndpass” and “vpn 2ndsubnet” telnet commands for use VPN with second subnet routing.
24. Add “Multicast via VPN” option in VPN profiles
25. Add new DEU(DES/3DES/AES) driver for Infineon new v1.4 SoC

26. Corrected: Using samba service could cause router to reboot
27. Improved: Improved general USB functionality

28. Improved: Improved the stability of the 3G Connection

29. Corrected: Syslog function could cause memory leakage or reboot
30. Corrected: User configured ARP cache expiry time will not be reset on router reboot
31. Corrected: PPTP NAT passthrough problem
32. Corrected: DNS query type for AAAA.
33. Corrected: PPPoA passthough problem
34. Corrected: TR-069 improvements
35. Corrected: NAT loopback issue
36. Fixed: Problems that occurred in WUI.
37. Fixed: Load balance setting for specific LAN device with specific WAN interface will fail
after fail-over happened.
38. Improved: Router stability against NMAP scan and WUI autism
39. Corrected: Improved router response to MX Queries. Our DNS proxy does not support MX type query; the new modification does not cache such
kind query. It just lets the packet passing-through our proxy, like a transparent mode for MX query.