Virtual brides – 30% lower TCO ??

A typo in a sales pitch from Virtual Bridges gave me a laugh yesterday

Using both VMware and Citrix ROI calculators and data from the latest IDC whitepaper, Virtual Brides Verde™ 3.0 VDI solution is 1/5 the acquisition cost, and 30% lower TCO (and that doesn’t even include the storage costs) than both VMware and Citrix.

Maybe a virtual woman is cheaper – but the serious point is the interest in the Virtual Desktop landscape – with so many players promising to deliver something radical and cheaper. I have always maintained that whomever controls the desktop controls the IT environment so this is going to be a real battleground for hearts and minds as well as affordable IT solutions for desktop virtualisation

I have a research project in mind to compare and contrast the options and so far have lined up VMware view 4 and Ulteo as options to evaluate. May add Vbridges or Vbrides as the third ?