VM Explorer allows file recovery via web browser from your vm backup

Trilead have announced the release of VM Explorer 4.1.

VM Explorer 4.1 offers the possibility to restore and download any files from your backups using your web browser. No software needs to be installed on the client computer. This release adds full support for ESXi/vSphere 5.1. In addion many enhancements for Microsoft Hyper-V Server have been added. Both Hypervisors are supported by VM Explorer.

The main new features of VM Explorer 4.1 are:

  • File      Level Restore from web interface
  • Task      Scheduler Overview
  • Support      for ESXi 5.1

How to install VM Explorer 4.1:

  • Download      the latest version of VM Explorer here: www.trilead.com/Download/      and install VM Explorer as usual