VM explorer just got HyperV friendly

I just picked up the latest info for the beta release of the Trilead VM explorer product.

The main new features of VM Explorer 4.0 beta 2 are:

  • Added  possibility to shutdown VM before starting backup/replication task
  • Added  possibility to log scheduled task result in windows log
  • Hyper-V Backup: Now you will be able to backup also your Hyper-V Virtual Machines in the same way you did with VMWare VMs
  • Hyper-V  Restore: You will be able to restore you Hyper-V VM to any Hyper-V server  in your datacenter
  • Hyper-V Incremental Backup
  • Hyper-V Incremental Restore
  • File level restore for VHD disks
  • Automatic deploy of Trilead Agent Manager service

Off to explore these new features and see if it can possible resolve something I need to propose for a new project.