Vmware Vsphere remote access and management from your phone

When looking at remote management of your esx servers – from a remote location or even from your phone – the option of Vmware’s Vcenter remote access now offers features than the Vsphere built in mechanism of web access through a server url of http://hostname/ui just doesn’t reach.

Its a ovf appliance that you can download and install on an ESX server and then use it to gain remote access. YOu can get the beta here http://communities.vmware.com/community/beta/vcmobileaccess

Once installed the appliance is accessed through the url


However as Vmware disclaim …..

NOTE: vCenter Mobile Access is a “power toy”; we’ve put effort into making it
stable, usable, and performant but it is not an officially supported VMware
product. We hope you find it a valuable and time-saving way to interact with your
virtual environment

Still the advantages include

– being able to manage or access a number of ESX machines through one Url
– better support for smaller screens on mobile devices
– more functionality than accessing a Vsphere or ESX 3.5 server via their builtin web interface

So if you have a Vsphere Vcenter or ESX host – fire this up and give it a try – you will be impressed and hopefully this will spur VMware to not only support the tool but to continue to expand it.