What did iSanta bring you ?

Well my iSanta brought me an Ipad – for which I am so grateful. Being a tablet user on HP kit for the last 6 or 7  years (both still going strong) – I had been eyeing an Ipad but hadn’t got round to getting one. So my better half in a twist of fate picked one up before Christmas and surprised me – since she would normally never have purchased technology items or gadgets for me in the past. Since then the ipad  has served a number of purposes and I suppose this is where the greatest success stories come from for Apple’s tablet.

The ability for the same device to be a games console (Angry Birds – I hate you for being so addictive) – through being an electronic  library – a shopping cart – a musical instrument – a guitar app simulator and a remote desktop screen – and many others in the space of a day shows the successful use of developers worldwide – writing relative cheap apps can be.

I see the ipad (as I will use it)  as primarily the means of accessing electronic reference materials and other study information rather than as a laptop / tablet replacement. I acknowledge that the range of applications may not be anywhere nearly as broad as the PC but may not necessary. More ipad experiences as they develop 🙂