Whats new in Senturion firmware 1.09

Some details of the latest firmware along with summary instructions of how to update

———- How to update your Senturion device ———-

1) Log into your Senturion monitor via the IP address or URL
2) Click the ‘Support’ tab
3) The yellow box in the top right shows the unit’s serial number and the most recent firmware version available.
4) The bottom left of the blue frame indicates the firmware version the unit is currently running
5) To upgrade firmware click the ‘Firmware Update’ button in the top right of the frame

If you encounter any issues you may visit http://support.sensatronics.com and search the knowledgebase or contact Sensatronics directly.

———- Release notes firmware version 1.09 ———-

*Feature addition: PIC updated to v1.4, supports hardware version request

* Enhancement #8955: Proxy authorization now supported

* Bug #11356: Text in camera selection dropdown expanded to include TV-IP400/400W
* Bug #6704: Internal optimization of alert_detail code (no customer effect)
* Bug #6534: Light level sensor behaves properly in deep darkness.

———- Release notes firmware version 1.08 ———-

* Enhancement #11193: Web Camera – TV-IP301 low light camera – Add Senturion FW support

* Bug #4877: Support page needs more information if there is no internet connection
* Bug #9627: With no internal temp sensor, airflow check kills probe
* Bug #10007: Missing text in SMTP Server description
* Bug #10770: Probe History invalid values when clicking bottom older/newer links
* Bug (no bug filed): Improved fallback capabilities of firmware library
* Bug (bug still open): Added some diagnostics to help debug any network issues with the firmware server or the SMTP server

———- Release notes firmware version 1.07 ———-

* New Probe Supported: Integration for several different cameras has been added in this release.

* Enhancement #9234: Contact info and web link on Senturion pages
* Enhancement #5617: Upgrade via Proxy Setting
* Enhancement #8171: Integrated Camera
* Enhancement #8636: Older/Newer scroll buttons at page bottom too

* Bug #9312: SNMP “rollup” probe in wrong part of tree
* Bug #2430: Refresh interval never happens
* Bug #2412: /xmlconfig always reports static IP
* Bug #6538: Factory Reset Button Misplaced on Senturion

———- Release notes firmware version 1.06 ———-

* Bug #7552: Internal Temperature and Humidity sensors biased by heat
* Bug #4912: Probe status should reflect “no alert” schedule
* Bug #7685: “Sleep” probe status incorrect color in IE6, IE7
* Bug #4786: Clearing probe history did not clear most recent 1 to 4 readings
* Bug #7853: Most recent value displayed in probe history was actually 1 to 3 polling intervals old

———- Release notes firmware version 1.05 ———-

* Bug #5619: Improved precision for Power Presence probes
* Bug #7363: Corrected threshold problems with new switch-type probes.
* Bug #8072: Added load timestamp to all pages
* Bugs #4160, #7059: More detailed information on probe status added to View screen

———- Release notes firmware version 1.04 ———-

* New Probe Supported: Sensatronics Power Presence Probe
* New Probe Supported: Smoke (3rd party)
* New Probe Supported: Motion (3rd party)
* New Probe Supported: Door open/closed
* New Probe Supported: Switch (normally open/normally closed)

* Feature Addition: (Alert Schedules): Users can define time periods when a probe is active or inactive.
* Feature Addition: (SNMP heartbeat traps): The Senturion can now be configured to periodically (user defined time frequency) send a “heartbeat” trap to multiple trap listeners.
* Feature Addition: (Send SNMP trap on alert): Unit can send an SNMP trap to multiple SNMP trap listeners when there’s an alert
* Feature Addition: (2nd email on user account): The 2nd email option for each user allows for sending email alert to multiple accounts or SMS messages to cell phones or pagers.
* Feature Addition: (Rollup # of Alerts in SNMP OID): It is now possible to query the Senturion via SNMP and get a “rolled up” count of the number of probes in an alert state.

* Enhancement #4804: (Bad User Message After Changing Network Settings): A proper user message now appears after making changes to the network via the web interface (after clicking the [Save] button).
* Enhancement #2389: (Unit Resets Often): Prior to 1.04 the Senturion would reset often to save changes. This proved to be very annoying and it would sometimes appear to a user that the unit wasn’t operating properly. This has been significantly enhanced.
* Enhancement #2433: (Light Sensor Probe Alert List Set to None): The Alert List for the Light Sensor Probe defaults to “None” (only on new units, upgrading the firmware will not change your current behaviour.) In the previous default condition this probe starts sending alerts right away when any of the thresholds are crossed. Now that Schedules are implemented, customers can choose the appropriate Alert List and set the appropriate schedule.
* Enhancement #2408 (Double Entry of Password): On the User Account section, the password needs to be entered twice and they both must match in order for any updates to the password to take place. This is a safety precaution so that the user doesn’t inadvertently mistype the password.

* Bug #4785: (Alert List Changes Reflected in Log): When a user makes a change to an Alert List, those changes are now reflected appropriately in the Log. Prior to this fix, that log entry didn’t indicate which Alert List was actually modified.
* Bug #3110: (Scrolling Through Historical Data): When scrolling through historical data the date/time stamp wasn’t updating properly. This has been fixed.
* Bug #4731: (Extra Column in Users Screen): This extra column has been fixed; it contains additional information which is now properly displayed.
* Bug #4805: (Extra data in Emailed Alert): Removed an extra period in the alert message that would go out via email.
* Bug #4117: (No Option for Buzzer): On the bottom two alerts for an Alert List (in the drop-down combo box) there was no option for “Buzzer On”. All alerts on the Alert List now have this option.
* Bug #5127: (Log displays Wrong Data When Deleting External Probes): When deleting external probes, the log displayed the incorrect probe ID. This has been fixed.

———- Copyright information ———-

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