When images get fat – put them on a diet

A client who sells new and refurbished heavy machine came to me with a problem regarding images. Specifically the size of images that they were being supplied and that were too large to send via email. What they actually wanted was a simple – repeatable method to reduce the footprint of the large number of images that they were dealing with – without having to resort to a graphics manipulation package every time.

So the solution was to give them FileMinimizer which you can get from here for free for non commercial use. A commercial license is around £65.

The developers say ..

FILEminimizer Pictures is free software to reduce the size of your images, photos and pictures by up to 98% through our native file optimization technology. After compression, your photos and images are still in your image format and are still beautiful – but a lot smaller in size!

Share your photos and images easily online on Flickr® and co. and send images easier via email. Optimize and upload photos easier to Facebook® with FILEminimizer’s Facebook upload functionality and never waste time again


The client was able to meet a very tight deadline and get the quality images at much smaller file sizes than they anticipate. In this case the only changes from the standard options were to keep the image format the same as the source (in their case jpg) and that the size of the image needed to remain the same. Once the options were selected they were able to select all the files which required reduction and add a suffix to the resultant file names of SML to the new file names to easily differentiate them. The output files were placed in the same folders as the originals names as filename1 SML.jpg as per the changes made.

Another example of a product paying for itself on first use.