Where are my other 19 copies then ?

Printing from word 2010 brought up a strange issue yesterday. The majority of the time I print single copies of documents for clients or meetings and its only occasionally that I want multiple copies of something. This morning I went to print 20 copies of a single page document – what did I get – 1 copy and no sign of the 19 others.

I thought I had mistyped and asked for only one copy – so checked  the printer settings – file / print / printer settings and the copy count was there as 20. Then it struck me – I had recently printed another document that I wanted collated – one copy for me and one for the client. I noticed this was ticked beside the copy count so unticked and reprinted and yep got my 20 copies.

So one to watch out for then when printing multiple copies of a single page document in Word 2010