Windows 10 update ate my wireless !

A client called me when his Dell Inspiron 14z 5423 upgraded to Windows 10 and stopped being able to see wireless networks. Diagnostics showed nothing wrong but he remembered seeing the Intel Widi was mentioned in the list of apps removed due to incompatibility with Windows 10. Suspecting driver issues a quick check of the card type showed an Intel Centrino wirless-N 2230 – so I headed for the Intel site in search of some driver goodness. Would you Adam and Eve it – down for maintenance – which had started 10 minutes ago. Talk about timing !

So of course headed off to the Dell support site – got as far as selecting Support – and what happened. Nothing – Nada – Zilch. The Dell support site was down !! Persisting for a while got me nowhere and I began to suspect I wasn’t the only one who had found the  site down. I used the trusty remote support tool Screenconnect to set up a wired support connection to our server and waiting for the Dell site to start working again.

A few hours later the Dell site reawakened and I was able to use the service tag to locate the package Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software for Bluetooth® for Windows 10 64bit as the file

Windows 10 64-Bit: JP-BT_18.1.1525.1445_t64.exe

Note: JP in the file name is is independent of any language or country. It is an identifier for a specific a set of adapters supported in this download.

Installed that remotely and once the wireless adapter was disabled and reenabled – two wireless networks were visible. Success !!