Windows 8 developer preview not playing nicely with ESX(i)

Amongst lots of other things yesterday I downloaded the preview iso of Windows 8. I was more that a littel surprised that Microsoft would issue a preview so early but I guess that they learned from Windows Vista and Windows 7 that the longer you wait before showing it to the the people who will be recommending it and supporting it – the worse you make it on yourself. I thought that the quickest route to evaluating the new OS wouldbe to create a VM for it but as I found that did not turn out well. Despite several different settings changes and quite a bit off googling – so far the install has not completed.

I understand that it runs on VMware Workstation but I’m keen to see what the issues are with it on a mainstream hypervisor. I still think that its a more enlightened approach from Microsoft and that they realise the true value of early adaptors and evaluators.

I also understand that VMware Workstation 8  will also allow developers to drag a VM in their Workstation library over the network and drop it onto an ESXi hypervisor running in the data center production environment once dev and testing is over. This movement is not a live migration, by the way, and it is only a one way movement.

I’m going to persist with the install attempts – so hopefully more later