Windows 8 – what will it mean for you ?

The upcoming release of Windows 8 is a crossroads for Microsoft in terms of its domination of the desktop operating system envirnment. So much hinges on the success of Windows 8 that its hard to see any area of MS that won’t be affected. Office is getting a makeover to match Windows 8. Windows 8 on phones will extend the O/S so that you can use it pretty much anywhere. Surface tablets with Windows 8 – expandability and choice of hardware are the absolute core of the Windows 8 dream. Something to take away from the dominance of Apple and its IPAD. Anything to give Microsoft another bite at the cherry.

So what could go wrong ?

No apps ? Microsoft say that there will be 100 thousand apps in the apps store by end of 2013. How good they will be remains to be seen.

No love ? What if users dont like it ? Take vista as a case in point or Windows ME. I find myself wincing when a Vista machine makes an appearance.

No good ? What if the desktop use of a touch based O/S just doesn’t work for users. How many times do you change an O/S before users say – enough. Give users a choice of windows xp, windows 7 and windows 8. Which one do you think they will choose? I know most users I speak to would jump at the chance of Windows XP on tablets and leave a windows 8 machine gathering dust.

So what needs to change ? I think MS have left it too late – too little functionality in the early previews and changes in names (metro as an example). The best chance is well priced performant tablets with good apps (both for enterprise and small business) that use the expandability of usb / bluetooth and other peripherals to steer users away from Apple.

The desktop battle is still to be fought. Long live XP.