Windows 8 – why the slate wait – is that fate ? (Ok enough of the rhyming)

Despite a lot of media and press attention – the introduction of Windows 8 does not seem to have set the world on fire, I have however received quite a few questions from users and friends – confused by the various options and combinations of hardware. The main stumbling block appears to the the lack of hardware especially tablet format and laptop convertibles. The two three units I have seen are the Dell – Sony and Toshiba convertibles. The Dell with all the addons available was coming in around £1800 and the Sony around a £1000 (reviews confirmed my initial assessment about build quality and cables hanging out the back of screen) and the Toshiba coming in around £899.

None of those options are pure tablets and as laptops / convertibles go – none are particularly cheap. So have suppliers missed the point of a touch based Windows O/S ? I’m prepared to give it until January to see if the hardware appears to justify the change to the new O/S  at a price people are willing to pay.

Otherwise “Windows 8 = Vista revisited” may become the final result