Winscp – an essential tool for working with ESX / ESXI

Whenever people ask me about tools to enhance work with Vmware ESX – the one that immediately springs to mind for transferring files and data to and from an ESX server is WINSCP. In fact given the frequency that it gets used its a wonder that something as functional wasn’t built into the VI Client. Specifically I use it for transferring client vms to an esx for testing. It is a very simple way to get the data required from a client ESX for review and testing on another machine. Note that you need to ensure that the appropriate services are running on the ESX server such as FTP before use!!

You can get it from here click on the download link in the menu bar. The page I linked to should some useful FAQs regarding the application is well worth a glance before you get started with it. The application supports scp/ftp/sftp data transfers.

Notably there are some useful command line options listed here – especially for folder synchronisation

winscp.exe stored_session
winscp.exe [(sftp|ftp|scp)://][user[:password]@]host[:port][/path/[file]]
winscp.exe [mysession] /synchronize [local_directory] [remote_directory] [/defaults]
winscp.exe [mysession] /keepuptodate [local_directory] [remote_directory] [/defaults]
winscp.exe [mysession] /upload file1 file2 file3 … [/defaults]
winscp.exe [mysession] [/privatekey=] [/hostkey=]
winscp.exe [mysession] [/passive] [/implicit|explicitssl|explicittls]
winscp.exe [mysession] [/timeout=]
winscp.exe [/console] [/script=script_file] [/command command1 command2 …] [/parameter param1 …]
winscp.exe /ini= /log=
winscp.exe /update
winscp.exe /help

and you can get further information here