WordPress – a client enabler

A client required a training session on the use of WordPress to augment their web presence. The choice of wordpress is no accident – looking at the alternatives and the range and breadth of plugins and add ons made the decision very  easy for the client. The training was required to ease the transition from static design to more dynamic publishing – quite an empowering thing for a client who wishes to have more control over their web image.

WordPress has certainly gained more share from these eccentric and proprietary CMS that ever web design company seems to tout for projects. I reckon I have seen at least one new cms each time I research options proposed for clients and the costs and complexity of them seems to grow each time.

Clients really just want a reliable and competent CMS to manage their content. WordPress continues to improve each release and the gap between general purpose cms like it and the behemoth quirky alternatives lessens. When you find governments and public bodies moving from the specialist tools to free open source products in order to satisfy short time scales and small budgets you know the writing is on the wall.

I see a lot more wordpress work in the near future and hope that it continues to show what a good tool can do – quickly and professionally.