Xpages bootcamp day 2 – return of the javascript

Day 2 was a game of two halves. First half exploded the mysteries around styling and theming applications. Those that know me will appreciate that UI design would not be regarded as my strongest suit but I have to say I took a lot away from theses sections since themes are most definitely a  real gem in standardising and controlling an application or suite of applications look and feel.

I was less looking forward to the second half which related to client side and server side javascript and their use cases in the xpages development environment. I had a flashback to a project many years ago where javascript became the pivotal aspect and caused quite a few late nights due to my and my co-developers lack of javascript knowledge.  To my co-developer at the time – All I can say Lewis is “Neti pots” to you too.

The labs in both cases were enjoyable and I learned quite a bit from both. I can see quite a bit of study in my future – especially Javascript and maybe – just maybe Java.


For those of you not familiar with Xpages – its essentially a better way of developing web applications for Notes Domino (and dare I say it J2ee developers) using the power of the Notes domino application platform. IBM have thrown some weight behind this and its starting to gain some traction.