Xpages to Eclipse

Came across this yesterday here.


They summarise the product as


  • Expanding the boundaries of local XPages applications

    Unfortunately – from the perspective of developers – it is difficult or even impossible, to offer a set of features users are familiar with when executing XPages applications locally. That is, if developers stay within the boundaries of the XPages standard.

  • There are hardly any standard APIs available to interact with the Lotus Notes Client or any other locally installed software.

    Missing are for example:

    • Embedding existing Notes applications: filling in Notes forms and Emails with data from XPages applications, accessing documents selected in classical Notes views, running existing LotusScript code
    • Import or export of data from IBM Lotus Symphony , supporting documents, spreadsheets and presentations
    • Executing document attachments with associated desktop-applications (for Windows, Linux and Mac OS)
    • Accessing the clipboard to store HTML, text, images or files
    • Executing long-running operations in the background, displaying their progress and cancelling the operation if necessary
    • Convenient features like file selection, including multi-selection, and folder selection

    But it doesn’t have to be this way – XPages2Eclipse comes to your rescue. It enables developers to use functions of the Rich Client, without the need to become experts in either plugin- or Java development

  • Every feature of XPages2Eclipse can be used from within server side JavaScript.

    Will be interesting to see what this actually offers and what cost.