Your Tablet PC and Mind Mapper – A great combination

I’ve used a HP TC1100 tablet for many years and it has some really useful features. If you’ve never tried a tablet PC you really don’t know what you are missing. Occasionally you come across a piece of software that actual makes using a tablet even more fun.

Recently I was looking for an application to help in getting clients ideas and thoughts on to paper. I came across Mind Manager from Mindjet and decided to give it a go. I choose the Lite version to see what the basic functionality entailed. I have to say that it works a dream and is an intuitive tool that you can get to grips with very quickly.

I would recommend it for anyone trying to get a tool that helps documentation, analysis and planning. Anyone with a tablet should definitely take this for a spin.

The list of features is too long to go into but highlights for me where

– produce pdf and html versions of the maps
– there is a free reader for people who don’t have the app to experience the full functionality of maps
– the integration from Snagit (the best screen grabbing app I’ve used) to place screen shops into the current mindmap
– the flags – little indicators that allow you to show completion status / priority etc of the topics and subtopics
– the url links from topics and subtopics.