HCL Domino ODBC issues after move to 64bit platform

Domino applications can hang around for a long time – they tend to just keep on working. As part of a recent review an upgrade of the application platform was planned for an app that has been running without issues for several years. After discussions with my contacts at Intec I built a new 64bit vm and migrated the data from the old 32 bit server – taking care to take the ip address and the name of the old server with it to minimise the impact on users. Once the server was patched and ready for action – everything seemed to be working but it was later when an integration with a third party app (Sage Line 50) through ODBC  as a lotuscript agent failed with the message on the domino console

LS:DO- ODBC could not complete the requested operation.

After establishing that the credentials used in the odbc connection were correct it was time to try to get a little more info about the  error being returned. This was done through the Geterror(), Geterrormessage() and Getextendederrormessage() calls using the connection variable. What this exposed was a further message printed to the server console


The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application

So now the focus is on the change between an old 32bit platform and corresponding 32 odbc driver and the newer 64bit platform and potentially a 64bit Sage 50 odbc driver. I had noted that the download I used to set up the new vms odbc connection had both the 32bit and 64bit variants. It is also important to match the drivers to the release of Sage Line 50 version !

In this case the ODBC driver DSN for Sage Line 50 has simply a name and the location of the data – which is this case is a mapped drive to another server. Once I had changed to the 64bit driver – using the same DSN name and the directory path a new  message


Cannot find all files in data path

Googling this didn’t give a lot of info and it was purely luck that I tried the UNC version of the path \\servername\datafolder\sufolder that matched the previous s:\datafolder path version on the 32 bit OS that the error was resolved and the ODBC agent was able to run. So hopefully that helps someone else with the cryptic “LS:DO- ODBC could not complete the requested operation” message