Scan to PDF and FTP

In researching a client requirement I came across Boxsoft’s option Scan to PDF Pretty much it does what they need out of the box so thats another box ticked The developer blurb   1. Archive Paper in PDF Format To ease workload on dealing with large quantity of paper files, Boxoft Scan to PDF helps […]

FTP synchronisation options

There are several tools you could use for the synchronisation of folders – but in this case I was looking for something that would work with FTP folders and potential as a means of syncronising client backups. I came up with a shortlist of 4 which I will detail here 1) Bestsync Version 7 from […]

Database backup using ftp

Most admins will have used or set up ftp servers to facilitate transfer of data between machines. A colleague mentioned seeing  a utility that combined backing up ms sql data and the use of an ftp server as the destination for the backup. The utility he had seen was SQL BACKUP and FTP from http://sqlbackupandftp.com/. There […]