Scrolling down the years – trouble installing Ubuntu in vmware vm on a Samsung Laptop

This tip relates to a very specific problem which is the creation of Ubuntu desktop virtual machine (32bit) on vmware vsphere client on a samsung 200B windows 7 laptop. The problem is that when trying to switch to the vm for the start of installation – movements of the scroll pad or external mouse are […]

Looking for VM performance visibility ?

Free download of the VMTurbo Operations Manager – Community Edition here The VMTurbo Operations Manager – enables you to: Gain visibility into your entire infrastructure See and identify problems in real time Generate performance and efficiency reports It  is the only FREE real-time performance monitoring solution without  limitations of how broadly it can be deployed […]

VMware Workstation 9 available

Got a surprise this morning when opening Vmware workstation to test a clients vm for recovery …. VMware Workstation 9 is now available! VMware Workstation 9 delivers the best-in-class Windows 8 experience and many innovative new features that transform the way professionals work with virtual machines. Key features in VMware Workstation 9: • Windows 8 […]