Ipad incremental update

We saw yesterday the awaited announcement of the new IPAD model which will ship in a week or two. The main things about the upgrade are the retina (2048 X 1536 resolution) screen – better 5 megapixel camera and better processor in the for of the A5X. Size remains the same (probably for  accessory compatibility) […]

One for the artists

Currently my windows based tablet pc is non operational – waiting for a maintenance window to get it repaired. Some of  the applications that showed the tablet to greatest advantage were based on direct manipulation – for example art related and creative tools which harness the touch and pen interfaces, So I was quite pleased to see […]

A year with the IPAD

As we head into the Christmas period – I was thinking back to when I started using an Ipad in anger – every day. That year has flown and throughout I have found myself using the Ipad in ways that I had not originally imagined. For example I stopped reading a daily newspaper either physically […]

Yet more forms to fill in

A contact asked me regarding a means of filling in forms (preferably using an IPAD) and getting that information sent back for central processing. I was able to say – “yes there is an app for that” – and the apps name is Form Connect and you can get more info here. The app will […]