Bumptop release getting closer !!

Two small updates within a week and a version 1 designation show that the release to the general public of Bumptop is getting closer. I noticed also by accident that you can create yellow sticky notes on the bumptop desktop by creating txt files on the real desktop with the text on the first line […]

Bumptop loves me !

After my recent bumptop expiry issue here I wasn’t expecting to be writing again so soon about Bumptop – the funky physics based desktop environment but when I looked at my machine this morning I got a hint that things are under way for the “launch” of the application. The basic detail is that there […]

Bumptop on my other screens

Finally this morning when rebooting my machine Bumptop advised me there was an update to the version I was running. Once install I knew something had changed since it was on a screen other than my primary display. Yippee – – – finally its now multi screen aware and using the “next screen” button you […]

Not such a bumpy ride

Into the flash of lightning star-riders are hurled, see them bumping and grinding bareback on the wheels of the world, you can see the dawn a’coming or is that the flash of a spear, ah, the day will come? the dawn will break: the daybreak’s here. We’ve got the power and the glory, we’re going […]