An app in 5 minutes ?

I recently picked up on David Leedy’s “just for fun” demo of building a simple CRUD application in Xpages in less than 5 minutes. You can see the video here

Whether or not David could do it in 5 (he did it quicker) or not wasn’t the point. I think he was trying to get across to the audience that Xpages can deliver this kind of RAD approach to web apps and if added to existing Domino skills could be a really good solution to the previous state of Notes Web development. I decided to have a go and follow David’s example and was surprised to find on my second go I too had a working xpages CRUD  app.

I’m hoping that this fresh approach to web development is going to spur on the tired and weary application developers who have been through the mill with Domino and other approaches to we apps and makes them at least re-evaluate what Xpages have to offer. Demos like Davids show what can be achieved. Try it – you might like it