Don’t give up on your new year resolutions !!!

January 17th, is the day we give up on our New Year’s resolutions apparently According to this article – Strava a social network for athletes that tracks runs and bike rides ,  found Jan. 17 is the day most people lose sight of their goals Two and a half weeks into , that is how […]

Xcode not starting after an update?   Recently updated !

This has now happened several times with the frequent updates to Mac OS and Catalina in particular. The problem is that even though you close everything before the upgrade and then you launch Xcode after the upgrade completes – Xcode will not launch correctly. When you start xcode for the first time after the update […]

Give me a Soda and a pdf   Recently updated !

A client called with an issue extracting a section from a large (1000+ page) pdf document. They has asked a colleague to try this and using the Windows 10 feature Print to Pdf they could generate a new document with the required pages. The client was using Cute PDF (not on Windows 10) for normal […]

Managing passwords on the go – keepass touch   Recently updated !

In the past I have used Keepass and the various mobile and windows based variants to transfer and record credentials. Recently had issues with MiniKeepass and IOS 13 where it lost the ability to directly open keepass format databases. I had developed a workaround but it wasn’t feasible for users to generally use. So it […]

A new beginning – A new backup   Recently updated !

Over the years I have used a wide variety of backup solutions – some more useful than others. When reviewing requirements for client who I was refreshing or replacing the internal infrastructure for I wanted something cost effective, innovative and reliable. After looking at various options – some that included hardware appliances I settled on […]

5,231,048 reasons to be cheerful   Recently updated !

No its not a lottery win – but rather then number of steps my fitbit recorded last year. Seems like a staggering figure (not literally) in terms of the number of times I put one foot in front of the other. Those of you who have met me will know that I am an advocate […]