Blank WordPress Admin page

A client phoned to say that they could view their WordPress site but when trying to access the admin page they just got a blank page – nothing, nowt, zilch! Even when looking at the source code for the page it gave the useful output of “1” and that was it.

There’s a lot written about blank lines in the functions.php file and the wp-config.php file which can really mess up a site, but the best thing to do is to find out what was the last thing the user was doing.

On investigation the user had installed some plugins (some of which can also cause untold damage). At this stage you can’t login as admin (as you can’t see a login screen cause it’s blank!) so you have to ftp to the site and have a look around.

The last plugin added was a twitter feed so on deleting this plugin from the site, the admin login page suddenly appeared and full service was resumed – job done and we had another satisfied Halcyon customer 🙂