Checking the health of your Sage Line 50 machine

Whilst working through an issue with slow performance on a clients  Sage Line 50 networked install – I came across a tool that other may find useful. You can find it here

This free program will perform some key diagnostic tests on your Sage 50 accounting system. It includes a speed test that is ideal for checking how well your Network is performing with your Sage data files.

  • Displays the Program Path, Settings Path and Reports Path.
  • Displays the Sage Program Type and Serial Number.
  • Displays the Program Version, SBDDestop Version and SDO Version.
  • Displays the Windows Version and Processor Name.
  • Displays the Antivirus Software Name and Status.
  • Displays the current Memory Usage and advises when your PC could benefit from a RAM Upgrade.
  • A built in Speed Test will calculate the records per second read/write rate of key Sage data files.
  • Checks that Windows Oplocks is turned on and will allow you to turn it on if it’s not.
  • Checks that Windows SMB Signing is turned off and will allow you to turn it off if it’s not.
  • Sets the Sage Report Designer’s temporary folder.
  • Displays a list of the installed Sage Updates and Patches.
  • Displays a list of the Users who are currently logged in.
  • Option to Disable SMB2.New
  • Option to clear Users who are incorrectly marked as logged in.
  • Option to View the results of the last Check Data run.
  • Option to Edit the Sage Company and Sage.ini files.
  • Option to Delete the Sage Watermark.xml file.
  • Licensed as Freeware. Use it on as many of your company’s computers as you like.
  • Compatible with all versions of Sage 50 from v8 to v19 (2013).
  • Compatible with Sage Instant and Instant Plus v15 to v18.

Note that you will need to contact Sage for a key to allow 3rd party sage addin.