Coding on Cloud 9 ?

I mentioned this to a colleague for an upcoming project. Its an online line coding ide…

Key features in the latest release of Cloud9 IDE include:

  • Real-Time Collaboration – Enables real-time editing, debugging, and chat functionality for distributed teams.
  • Offline Support – Cloud9LOCAL is a small app that connects to hosted projects and keeps them in sync, letting developers access and edit local files for streamlined online/offline synchronization to the cloud.
  • Fast and Customizable User Interface – Gives developers more space to work via the “fastest editor available today,” a powerful search tool, and a “go-to” file widget.
  • Your Workspace in the Cloud – Lets developers edit and run code with the freedom of the desktop; supports full shell access and the ability to run any language such as PHP, Python, Ruby, and Node.js (premium feature).
  • Intelligent Auto Completion and Integrated Docs – Enables code suggestions with knowledge from the Javascript language and Node.js APIs; provides embedded documentation.

Cloud9 supports open source development by offering its service for free, along with premium pricing for professional developers and a discounted rate for students. Go here for the free plan