Need a case for your PI ?

I have been waiting for a case for my Raspberry Pi for few weeks – came across this nice design at this site The costs are reasonable and it will protect your Pi so well worth getting your hands on one

Heres the product blurb

The Pibow is made to be fairly easy to assemble, with helpful colours and numbers to assist you along the way.

For children it is also a simple learning experience, but make sure younger children are supervised,as the kit does have some small parts.


After you’ve got your Pibow, that’s just the start, because we’ll be releasing a series of expansion layers that work with the Pibow.

Camera Module?

Want to mount the Official Raspberry Pi Camera Expansion on your Pibow? We’ll have a layer for that, that you can buy and use with your existing case. No need to buy a whole new case!

VESA Mount?

Want to stick your Raspberry Pi on a TV, we’ve planned ahead for that! You’ll be able to simply replace the base layer with one that fits on a series of standard VESA mounts (although you won’t be able to see the full majesty of your Pibow then)


Want to work with a breadboard, or other electronics and have them attach to the Pibow? We can do that. More plates will appear offering modular expansion around the Pibow so you can keep projects tidy and easy to understand.

Been Mean to your Pibow?

No problem. The Pibow is made from durable, shatter-proof acrylic, but part of the fun of the Raspberry Pi is doing things that are interesting enough to break bits.

We’ll make sure you don’t have to buy a whole new case, just replace the broken bit. Much better!


I like their approach to design and the flexibility that this approach adds to the kit. So happy casing !!