Swift for Goodies

As a resource for learning Sift and SwiftUI – I have previously mentioned Hacking with Swift and Paul Hudson.  Along with Ray Wenderlich this site is a really useful source of info for swift ios development and I have to say I like Paul#s style of deliver and the areas he covers. While listening to his podcast Swift Over Coffee I noted a book that was mentioned – Swift for Good.

The blurb mentioned “20 well-known authors and speakers came together to write an all-new book for Swift developers, all working for free so that 100% of revenues can be donated to charity.”

Whats not to like about that?

When I saw the authors and the topics – I knew this was one for me!

Stuffed full of areas of interest to me – and plenty of new info that I probably would have struggled to find easily in one brand new book !! Enums, Collections , Extensions and SwiftUI – just to start off with.

I think this book is a great idea – gives a variety of topics from a wide group of authors – whoever thought of it – “Hats of to you”.  After trawling through a range of very dry Swift and IOS tomes myself – its a relief to get something like this.

So if you want to kickstart your Swift knowledge and open up areas you may not have considered – take a look – you won’t be disappointed.