Vigor 3900 router browser problems

Okay – you have upgraded your client to the latest 3900 endpoint router for a new wan infrastructure and the first thing you notice is that the web interface for management is slow. Yes really slow. So you check comms and settings but to no avail. Then it hits you – its Internet Explorer that doesn’t like connecting to the router. Putting aside the fact that Draytek should have tested the web interface much more before release and that historically they have had issues with other router web interfaces and browsers before now – this is still a major pain for sys admins managing these routers.

Having reported the matter to Draytek – the response was – “Don’t Use IE”. Great – whats the recommended browser ? “Try Chrome” – they said. So tried chrome and found that it was much faster than IE except with one little flaw. The menu selections on the left – when moving the mouse are off by one choice. What this means is that the mouse cursor needs to be a choice above the one you want – in order to highlight the choice you want !!


So hats off the the quality testers in Draytek that did not notice this during development. Just get it fixed – ok?