New Year – New Plan

I started this year wondering about whether I could keep up the last two years pattern of a blog for every week day. Well due to other constraints and projects that have required more time an attention than normal I have decided that this year will be a more occasional blogging event – not necessarily […]

Wot no dns lookup ?

A colleague and were discussing a failure for DNS lookup on an SBS 2003 server where the secondary dns was the local Vigor 2820 router. When testing nslookup it failed after the requisite 2 seconds. After restarting the dns service and client on the server – the same result was found. We discussed the options […]

Virgin now aiming at 120MBPS download – hold on to your browser

If you’re one of Virgin Media’s top-tier (XXL) internet customers, you may soon see your service getting even more speedy. The Branson-backed company is boosting its top speed from 100Mbps to 120Mbps, thanks to a ¬£110 million infrastructure investment. The majority of the network — around 60 percent — has yet to be upgrade , […]