And finally – more perflib (Thats all I have to say about that)

As a final piece regarding perflib errors that appear in the event log relating to

I discovered this admission from Microsoft

There is a bug in the 2.0 Framework when attempting to run the state service on a Windows 2000 domain controller. Since SBS includes the domain controller, this may be the problem you are running into. To workaround:

1. Run aspnet_regiis -i from the 2.0 Framework install directory to ensure the framework (including the state service) is installed.
2. Open up the services control panel and explicitly set the desired credentials for the ASP.NET State Service
3. Optionally change the service startup type to Automatic.

At this point the state service will start up.

We are aware of this bug in the 2.0 Framework and will evaluate fixing it in a future release. In the interim we plan to release a KB article documenting the workaround as well

However – the reappearance of the error after some automatic updates had me wondering where this pain in the ass was coming from.

So my final tip is …

Look carefully at the ASP entries that you see when you look at the exctrlst entries as shown in that article – check the path where your .net is installed – and specifically look to see if there are TWO entries with the same path one the ASP and the other the ASP.Net_2.0.50727 – MAKE SURE THEY ARE BOTH DISABLED !!!!!