Back in control

As mentioned previously the replacement of an Acer Aspire 500 media centre PC power supply is fairly straightforward – see the full article here – one word of note though – if you lose the ability to remote control through the infrared remote – heres what you should look for.

Remove the case (after powering off) – three screws and the back. Remove the dvd drive and then remove the front panel. If you look at the manual you will see the that the infrared receiver is approximately three quarters of the way across the front panel. Gently dropping the front panel over so you can see the back the hole where the ribbon cable goes to connect to the IRDA receiver. You may notice that is is slightly off due to removing the front panel or the dvd drive to replace the power supply – so with a flat blade screw driver – push the ribbon connector firmly back on the irda receiver – pressing gently on the area either side of the pins until its flat across the length of the connector.

Represent the front panel to the case – making sure all the connections match up and it should reconnecte relatively easily – don’t force it – you haven’t got it lined up if you do.

At this point you could power up the unit and test the remote – make sure you do not touch the inside of the case – ( if in doubt fully assemble before you try)

Slide the DVD drive in behind – fix the three screws and then replace the case – making sure it completely mates with the base and screw back in the final three screws.