Its Magic!

Recently as part of  building renovations I wanted to replace some older Devolo Ethernet over power adapters and consolidate some wireless access points from various suppliers into something more standard and manageable. Enter the Magic Wifi 2 Next multiroom kit from Devolo. This ticked both boxes for wired connections and wireless in the one set […]

Time for Pi

As a long time fan of the Raspberry Pi platform I recently decided to replace an aging original Pi for a project I have in mind. So imagine my delight when I spotted the Pi 400 – its a Pi in a keyboard !! Whoever thought of that – pat yourself on the back. Immediately […]

Netools of the trade

In discussion with a colleague around the tools we use for debugging and diagnosing issues with local area networks and internet access – I happened to mention a tool I had just come access. The is a hardware device which they describe as a Network Engineering Tool. The best way to think of this […]

Go Big or Go Home

Working in support or just working on multiple projects usually dictates having multiple screens. For many years I had four screens running off a Dell Precision workstation and this served most of the tasks I could throw at it. In fact I’d say it was pretty much the perfect configuration until users that I support […]

Watching Me Watching You – (starting WatchOS development)

In the words of Jethro Tull in “Watching Me Watching You” I sit by the cutting on the Beaconsfield line. He’s watching me watching the trains go by. And they move so fast — boy, they really fly. He’s still watching me watching you watching the trains go by. And the way he stares — feel […]