Watching Me Watching You – (starting WatchOS development)

In the words of Jethro Tull in “Watching Me Watching You” I sit by the cutting on the Beaconsfield line. He’s watching me watching the trains go by. And they move so fast — boy, they really fly. He’s still watching me watching you watching the trains go by. And the way he stares — feel […]

Fitbit tips – keep on running !!

Two recent issues with a Fitbit Surge (watch) lead me to write up these two tips This issue had arisen when I went to check the status of the fitbit and my Iphone to see what pairing was in place – more about that in a moment. I then realised that I couldnt access the […]

Living with a Fitbit Surge

Having previous had the Fitbit Zip – in fact two of them I had experienced the app and the tools that the units offer for tracking activity. However the ease of losing the units did not enamour them to me so I considered alternatives but eventually settled on the Fitbit Surge. The wrist mounted “watch” […]

I read you loud and clear !

Documentation is one of the least regarded aspects of the work that an IT professional needs to cover. How many times have you had to trace cables in the heat of a problem only to realise that the documentation is either wrong or non existent. However there are tools available to help you with the […]


Another day of Apple altered reality and performance yesterday with the launch of the IPhone 6 and Apple Watch. So whats worth noting from the announcements ? The new IOS 8 as expected carries a range of features and improvements but its biggest selling point may be to developers looking for deeper integration between apps […]