Belfast WordPress Meetup May 2018

At the recent WordPress Meetup  we had three talks on similar but different aspects of running WordPress locally to enhance development pipelines and to allow for disaster recovery testing. I gave a talk on Docker and its role in running / testing WordPress and other applications. I used a couple of example docker containers and I promised I would provide a bit more detail – so here goes.

Firstly you need docker (runs on Windows 10 Pro and server 2016 and Mac)

These instructions apply to Windows (substitute terminal session for dos session for MAC) 

When that’s installed and started – then to get a docker container download for nodered by starting a dos session and running

 Docker ps –a

 If get some response out then type

 docker pull nodered/node-red-docker

 This downloads the required image but needs the configuration of a container so type (in the dos session)

 docker run -it -p 1880:1880 –name mynodered nodered/node-red-docker


This means you have now got a running Nodered image


Open a browser and browse to http://localhost:1880

For managing containers I mentioned Portainer which you can find here

on docker hub or you can do it manually in the dos session

docker pull portainer/portainer