Tell me it’s not over #WCBELFAST :(

After months of planning and preparation – the project that was Wordcamp Belfast 2018 #WCBELFAST is nearly a memory. The event closed yesterday and the attendees, speakers, volunteers and organisers are returning to their respective homes across the world. As a first time co-organiser of the event – it was an experience to set up this kind of event and for two days to have the company of so many wordpress fans keen to learn about and to pass on knowledge about WordPress and topics that touch on this CMS platform.

It takes to be involved in an event like this to actually understand the work and dedication required to stage it. The planning required and the commitment needed to see it through. You walk away from the venue with a new found admiration for those who choose to do this – in order to encourage enthusiasts and specialists alike to visit your location – and to attend an event when they could be site-seeing instead.

I was gratified by the volunteers’ enthusiasm – without whom these kind of conferences could not function – who for no financial reward give their time to do whatever needs to be done to make an event a success. Meeting visitors and hearing their stories and sharing time with them makes you realise that others just like you are out there using WordPress and other platforms to help run their business and to provide them with the tools to provide web sites for others.

We got to mark the 15th birthday of an idea that has given so many people – including me for more than 12 years  – a chance to get their opinions or creativity out there on the web – and we had CAKE ! I hope that all of those who were there and the others  including students that were part of the events that led up to the Wordcamp will continue to develop their use of WordPress.

The event website is here