Broadband caps – on an uncapped service

After a recent DNS failure and subsequent problems with mail delivery (or undelivery) one of my broadband providers decided after many years of service that the uncapped service I have should be capped – without any consultation with me. Its likely that I will move to another provider as both the means of capping and the fact of changing the service to capped fail to impress me. The other service will be dearer but I need to redundancy of the links to keep providing service to clients in the event that one provider is off. I also have a different (cable) delivery of the backup services to stop an exchange issue from causing meltdown.

I have seen a lot more of this approach since the credit crunch arrived and its another way of suppliers getting money out of the end user but also its strangling things like Lovefilm in terms of using their internet service to view movies. Genuinely unrestricted services are hard to find and even harder to find a good support service to back them up. However that will be the next order of battle to get a resilience and performant second line back up.