Documenting Requirements for Successful projects

As part of the Business Analysis process or as part of the development process – the issue of system or user requirements that make up an application or process will be high on your agenda if you are responsible for producing the User Requirement Document. So what can help with that process ? There are almost as many approaches imaginable for the current styles of development but UML and Agile are two that have gained traction. Each of them has their own approach and specialties but the requirements gathering process still has to be followed to scope the project.

I attended the online version of the Learning Tree course “Documenting requirements for successful projects” (Course  4580) in its one day boot camp format. The delivery is through the online ANYWARE platform that Learning Tree use and I think its as near to getting into the classroom as you will get without travelling to the  training.

The course covers the areas of

– Analyzing requirements using graphical modelling techniques

– Drawing Use Case diagrams

– Drawing process maps

– Writing user stories and

– Analyzing requirements for well-formed characteristics – and writing your own requirements.

There are a number of practical short sessions and with a small amount of pre-preparation must users looking to use the techniques should be able to take away something from the course.

I would certainly recommend this course if considering the  Modelling in Business Analysis (4 day course).

You can find further information about the short courses available here and the longer form Business Analysis courses here