Going for a drive across the internet

During a piece of research work I was looking for a solution similar to Webdrive which I have mentioned before – most recently here. In this case though I wanted a webdav client that could map a network drive. I came across this application Netdrive – which matched the requirements exactly.

The developers say

With NetDrive, managing your remote FTP and WebDAV servers will be as easy as any old file folders on your PC.  Once you mount the local drive, you don’t need to run an application or an FTP client interface but a simple drag-and-drop in your Windows Explorer will be sufficient to transfer and manage files.

If you are a software vendor or a service provider, you can also build your own software on top of NetDrive. The developers provide NetDrive SDK that includes all functionalities of NetDrive.

Installation though was a little more complicated than normal. This related to the missing VC90 runtime which you can download from Microsoft – in my case the 2008 Sp1 version to match the application. Once installed the machine had to be rebooted and the installation rerun. This triggered another reboot but the app was then configurable and worked first time to a remote server. So the thing to watch out for is that if you do not see  a prompt to reboot after installing – you are missing that runtime. Would be best if the app was able to warn you.