Have you been Nobulated ? Don’t panic

Yes – IT staff get to see some strange and unusual error messages from the vast range of software that is running in businesses. This one however deserves special mention. This happened on reboot of a server 2008r2 (Dell Poweredge) after booting from an vmware coldclone cd. The clone failed (netork driver issue) and the machine was rebooted. The error appeared when the machine then restarted.


The error is shown in a dos window with the word FAILED in large ascii art characters with the summary below of

Failed to Nobulate (NOBNT) back to the manufacturing media (A:)  such that the software install process cannot continue reliably.


Now with this particular case the issue turned out to be a combination of hardware that had been added and a failed windows repair attempt. The server had a new 3TB external drive added – and once removed the system booted and gave an option to repair or boot normally. Selecting boot normally allowed the system to start correctly.

So this case ended without permanently being nobulated.