IconUK on the Southbank

Been a great day seeing a lot of friends from the xpages and connections world. The facilities and organisation of the ICONUK 2014 event were second to none and it was a time for renewing friendships and making new ones. I had the pleasure of two Paul Withers sessions – always learn something when I go there and a very amusing opening session with Scott Souder – (You just had to be there).

The speed sponsors event saw the 12 main sponsors working for their pay to deliver their pitch is what seemed like two minutes. Some interesting info came through during these encounters and I will follow up for more info.

The closing session was as always a celebration and a fun thing to attend with Timster holding court and presenting prizes. I have to confess that after a 6 year drought I came away with a Google Nexus tablet in the end of day sponsor draws.

Bit of a wrench not seeing Warren there but I understand he is making models of various world iconic buildings in lego so that cant be bad.

A  day in London tomorrow – in splendid weather – cant be bad to that !