Its Magic!

Recently as part of  building renovations I wanted to replace some older Devolo Ethernet over power adapters and consolidate some wireless access points from various suppliers into something more standard and manageable. Enter the Magic Wifi 2 Next multiroom kit from Devolo. This ticked both boxes for wired connections and wireless in the one set […]

Neo4J releases V4.0

Neo4J came to my attention some time ago when researching a project for a client. When I looked at the requirements a graph database sprang to mind and I did some research – out popped Neo4J. After taking it for a quick spin – I  was impressed by the resources available and the community around […]

Windows 10 update ate my wireless !

A client called me when his Dell Inspiron 14z 5423 upgraded to Windows 10 and stopped being able to see wireless networks. Diagnostics showed nothing wrong but he remembered seeing the Intel Widi was mentioned in the list of apps removed due to incompatibility with Windows 10. Suspecting driver issues a quick check of the […]

Spoilt for choice

Having had some particular issues for clients recently on browsers specifically – I was pleasantly surprised  to see two new browsers putting in an appearance. The more recent is Vivaldi  from Opera’s founder and its been in the pipeline for about a year with the release today – so far I have found it fast and […]

ICON UK 2015 – will be at Southbank

Have had it confirmed that this years event will be at IBM Southbank again. Great facility and looking forward to a great event for September. The agenda as always will be firmed up throughout the year but will doubtless contain the mix of Xpages technical and other streams that have been a feature of the […]

I read you loud and clear !

Documentation is one of the least regarded aspects of the work that an IT professional needs to cover. How many times have you had to trace cables in the heat of a problem only to realise that the documentation is either wrong or non existent. However there are tools available to help you with the […]

WordPress is 4 – happy birthday !!

The latest update to WordPress arrives at just the right time as a refresh of the site is imminent and the focus of the new update on improving the introduction of media and the management of posts and some upgrades to the internal components such as libraries and edtors. As always the process of upgrading […]