Improving Teamwork Project Manager

As mentioned here previously Teamwork Project Manager is a web based project management tool which can quickly allow you to construct and track a project with very little effort. I noticed some updates and a new feature that would be very beneficial in some projects. Firstly the development team have introduced an Adobe Air application for recording time whilst you are working. This new application allows you to place a timer on your desktop, and gives you the ability to quickly track and log time across a number of tasks within your projects (even linking to the projects in your web based project account).  You’ll get the timer here.

Some other changes of notes

1) You can now edit comments !! Hurrah!

2) Edit milestones – from the milestone calendar

3) See which tasks have time logged (look for the time logged icon)

4) improvements made to task list re-organisation to make it easier

The other item that you may not have seen is the Iphone App for Teamwork  Project Manager – available in the Apple store

Heres a summary from their site of the current Iphone app functionality

What you get on a Dashboard level

  • Pending Tasks & Milestones
  • Overdue Tasks & Milestones
  • All Milestones
  • Projects
  • Starred Projects
  • Latest Activity
  • Book marked task lists (NEW)

What we get on a project level

  • Latest Activity
    • Ability to jump to message in iPhone app from Latest Activity
    • Ability to jump to task list in iPhone app from Latest Activity
    • Ability to jump to task in iPhone app from Latest Activity
  • Tasks & Tasklists
    • Add Task list
    • Badges for Due/Late tasks per list
    • Current Tasks
    • Completed Tasks
    • Ability to view a task
    • Ability to add a task
    • Ability to edit a task
    • Ability to complete a task
    • Ability to uncomplete a task
  • Milestones
    • Add Milestones (NEW)
    • View milestones
    • Ability to complete a milestone
    • Ability to uncomplete a milestone
    • Ability to edit a milestone
  • Messages
    • Latest messages with comment count
    • Ability to create a message
    • View messages by category
    • View Message & Comments
    • Add a comment to a message (Reply)
  • View Project Online
  • Quick back to Dashboard link