In Space – no one knows you’re a Mouse !!

Recently while following a video series on using Sketchup – the 3D modelling application that everyone should try – I came across a device to aid in the navigation of 3D models. Its called the Space Mouse and comes in several models including a wireless version. You can see more about the mouse here but in essence its a controller that works with your normal 3 button mouse to manipulate and move around the model. The software that comes with it supports a range of CAD and other applications that work in 3D space and is surprising simple to use. I recommend following the tutorial and the exercises which illustrate the mouse’s operating modes.

The controller isn’t cheap approx £120 for the wireless model but I am confident that the time saved working with the unit will pay back its cost very quickly as well as improving the design experience.  It also works with Macs.

The video series I mentioned can be found here and I would definitely recommend it if you are struggling with getting started on Sketchup.