Kiwi Syslog – free version

For those that just want a simple windows based syslog server for debugging or keeping an eye on routers / servers / applications that can output in syslog format – Kiwi / Solarwinds provide a free more limited version of the software mentioned before

To give an idea of the funtionality of the free version – I’ve grabbed some of the developers info on it for ease of reference.

Features of the Free version

•GUI-based real-time syslog manager
•View syslog messages in multiple windows simultaneously
•Message logging or forwarding of all messages, or based on priority or time of day
•Auto-split the log file by priority or time of day
•Receive and forward message via UDP, TCP, or SNMP
•Automatic log file archiving based on custom schedule
•Messages per hour alarm notification with audible sound or email
•Log file size alarm notification with audible sound or email
•Daily e-mailing of syslog traffic statistics
•Maintains source address when forwarding messages to other syslog hosts
•Syslog statistics with graph of syslog trends(Last 24hrs/ Last 60mins.)
•Syslog message buffering ensuring messages are not missed under heavy load
•DNS resolution of source host IP addresses with optional domain removal
•DNS cashing of up to 100 entries to ensure fast lookups and minimize DNS lookups
•Pre-emptive DNS lookup using up to 10 threads
•Five out-of-the-box skins to change the look of the program
•Selectable display font, display color, and background wallpaper
•Also available as an NT Service
•RFC3164 send and receive options