Notes V10 beta 2 client upgrades – first impressions

If you managed to get on the second beta for the imminent release of IBM Notes and Domino V10 – no doubt you will want to get your hands on the software and install it to test it out. My experience of the upgrades – mostly Notes 9.0.1 FP10 have been very smooth – however you may get a spurious message about “Not enough space available on drive c:” – ensure that no notes processes are running and if necessary reboot. You may also need to expand the installer on another machine and copy that to the machine being updated.

Apart from that and a 3rd party application issue which was resolved by reinstalling the third party database – the updates were quick and have proven quite stable. I reported one issue I found using the built error reporting – this related to a drop in communications with a remote database. So the next few weeks will be spent testing and trying to shake out any issues I can find with the client. I hope to get a bit more clarity on the “automated upgrade” process for client installations at the ICON UK event in Birmingham #iconuk2018

Already getting some interest from clients on the Notes V10 functionality and some areas where Domino V10 changes will directly affect their business !! Roll on the publicity campaign for Domino V10

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